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How To Look Your Best with a Spray Tan Service And How To Get The Most Out Of It

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Having a great looking tan doesn’t mean you have to bake in the sun or use tanning beds. Spray tans are an excellent way to give yourself an even, sun-kissed look without damaging your skin or risking overexposure to UV rays.

Waxing Queen provides perfect solution for those who prefer natural-looking tans that don’t have any of the detrimental effects associated with traditional tanning methods.

Here’s how to use our spray tan service and look your best.

Choose the Right Shade

Waxing Queen offers a variety of shades from light bronze to deep-bronze tones that will suit your individual features. Choose a shade that fits with your skin tone and will leave you with a perfect glow for date night or days out at the beach.

Exfoliate Before Applying Your Tan

It’s important to properly exfoliate before using Waxing Queen’s spray tan service so as to ensure an even application and long-lasting tan. This can also help prevent blotching, patchiness, and fading when used with pre- and post-tan moisturisers.

Prepare Your Skin

It is essential that you make sure your skin is super clean before coating it in solution – avoid using any body lotion, perfumes, oils or makeup prior to spraying as this can create barriers on your skin and reduce the effectiveness of the self-tanning product – not ideal if you’re trying to reach optimal colouring!

Moisturise After Carefully

The key for keeping optimum colour is moisturising regularly after application – this helps maintain even fade when sunscreen also applied diligently between sessions too!

To keep your faux glow looking fresh, make sure waxed area remains hydrated by treating it with an exclusive post-treatment moisturiser specified by Waxing Queen experts specifically chosen based upon client complexion type & desired hue durability needs!

Allow Enough Time for Development

The effects of waxing take several hours to fully develop – so plan accordingly! It is advisable to start prepping for any event at least 6-8 hours before arriving if you want optimal results from waxing.

Re-apply as Needed

Depending on how often you shower or swim, re-application may be necessary – especially if wearing clothes which rub off the product quickly such as jeans or leggings. Make sure you purchase additional solution in advance if needed so always look waxed and ready!

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How to get the most out of your spray tan?

A spray tan is a great way to give your skin a sun-kissed glow and have it last for several weeks. But, with the right care at home, the colour of your tan can look best on its first few days. Here are some tips on what you can do to get the most out of your spray tan so you can make it stand out!

Do Not Shower Right Away

Right after a spray tan, you’ll want to wait at least 8 hours before showering or swimming. This allows time for the bronzer in the solution (which gives immediate colour) to wash away and for the DHA (the primary ingredient in sunless tanning products) to begin developing.

Pat Your Skin When Drying Off

When drying off after showering, be sure to pat dry rather than rub. Rubbing can cause the colour to start fading faster than normal and diminish the results of your spray tan much sooner than expected.

Moisturise with an Oil-Free Lotion Daily

Keeping your skin hydrated will help maintain that gorgeous golden bronze hue far beyond its intended results. The key is using an oil-free lotion as some formulas contain oils that break down a spray tan resulting in decreased longevity—or even may cause streaks or splotches.

Limit Products Containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are naturally occurring substances used in a variety of skincare products such as cleansers, moisturisers, and toners. While AHAs have many benefits they also exfoliate which causes premature fading of a spray tan.

As long as possible delay any use of AHA containing products until after a new application has been applied or just be aware that if used frequently during these times there is a greater chance that fading will occur sooner than expected due to their exfoliating effect on skin.

Avoid Heat Sources & Sweaty Workouts

It’s important to avoid excessive exercise, baths/saunas, swimming pools/hot tubs/ocean before 3-7 days from when your spray tan was applied as this could negatively affect its appearance and reduce longevity due to sweat causing it to fade disproportionately in certain areas leaving patches or streaks.

Additionally, heat sources such as hot tubs will also accelerate fading faster than normal so we recommend avoiding them during those first few days for maximum benefit!

Get The Best Spray Tan Service in Victoria

A spray tan service from Waxing Queen can help you look your best with healthy-looking, golden-bronze skin. Waxing Queen uses top quality solution that has been specifically designed to not only give you deep results, but also to last longer.

What are you waiting for?

Get ready to shine! With Waxing Queen’s spray tan services, you’ll be looking your best in no time! Come and treat yourself to a natural-looking glow with their easy and affordable options.

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