If You’ve Got Them… Flutter Them!

We would all love to wake up in the morning and have beautifully curled and dark lashes, without a swipe of mascara. Waxing Queen can help you with just that.

Our eyelash tinting service can help create the illusion of mascara, without the drama of having to apply it.

With eyelash tinting, you can enhance your natural eyelashes with a special dye to make them appear darker and more vibrant. This is especially useful if you have blonde or light brown lashes since they can often appear thin or lacklustre compared to darker hair colours. It’s also a great way to enhance sparse or thin eyelashes to look fuller than they actually are.

The colour is not permanent but will fade over time depending on how often you wash your face and how much makeup you wear on your eyes. Most people can go back for touch-ups every six to eight weeks or so if needed.

Whilst our eyelash lifting service will curl your lashes, in the direction that will open up them up and emphasise the shape of your eyes, so you can be done with that pesky eyelash curler!

Lifting involves applying a special cream along your lash line that helps to lift your lashes slightly, so they stand out more prominently against your lid colour. This treatment also works well on people who have naturally straight lashes but want them to curl up slightly without using an eyelash curler every morning before doing their makeup routine. This gives your lashes more volume and makes them appear longer. Eyelash lifts are typically performed once every two to three months.

Eyelash tinting is a treatment that darkens the lashes to give them a more intense appearance, while eyelash lifting lifts and curls the eyelashes. Both treatments are performed at Waxing Queen salon in Carnegie, VIC.

Lash lifts can be used as a standalone procedure or in combination with other treatments such as eyelash extensions or permanent makeup to create fuller-looking eyes with darker lashes.

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What Clients Say

  • Waxing Queen has quickly become my favorite place for waxing. Run by sisters – Mo and Daljit, the place has a warm hospitality combined with smoothe professionalism. I adore the variety of waxes on offer, each designed to suit a specific body part. The prices are great and the service is exceptional. The appointment reminders serve my full lifestyle so well.

    • Tara Patwardhan
  • I always go to Waxing Queen for all my waxing needs and one of my NY resolutions for this year is to try out henna brows. My beautician was Dee. She was exceptional answering all my questions about what she’ll be doing and providing as much information as possible about henna brows. Also upon booking my appointment online I was surprised by how affordable the henna brows are at Waxing Queen compared to other salons I looked at. I love my henna brows and thank you so much Dee for making them look beautiful.
    • Lauren Cursio