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A brow becomes defined by the shape of its arch, which is created by the angle at which eyebrow hair grows out from the skin. The arch is a natural part of your eyebrow shape and can be enhanced with threading. You can choose to have your brows threaded or not, depending on whether you want them to look natural or more defined. The term comes from the practice of threading cotton through one’s skin to remove unwanted facial hair, such as eyebrows.

Threading is used for many different purposes, including:

  • Lifting and elongating the upper lip line
  • Creating fullness around the face by lifting and reshaping eyebrows (especially those above the eyes)
  • Adding dimension to thin, sparse eyebrows

Eyebrow Threading Services At Waxing Queen

Our expert eyebrow stylists are trained to create clean, manicured results from eyebrow threading. They beautifully define your eyebrow lines that accentuate your very best natural features. We know that details matter when it comes to shaping brows, and we are here to help you achieve that dream brow look.

Our threading services are completely customised as per your face and eye shape. Our stylists will suggest and work with you to evaluate and identify the best brow shape for you. We’ll create a look you can’t wait to show off.

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The Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

  • It’s a professional technique that gives you beautiful eyebrows in just a few minutes. You can get rid of your unwanted eyebrow hairs, leaving your brows looking smooth and more defined. This procedure also helps reduce unsightly hair in other parts of your face, such as the chin region.
  • Eyebrow threading is ideal for those who want to remove their unwanted brow hairs but don’t want to deal with waxing or pluck them manually with tweezers. It’s also great for women with sparse or thin eyebrows because it leaves them looking fuller and more youthful.
  • This procedure is safe, painless and cost-effective! No matter how sensitive your skin may be, this service will not leave you red or sore afterwards.
  • Threading also reduces irritation and redness caused by shaving or waxing, so that it may be an option for those prone to patches of ingrown hairs or razor bumps.

Eyebrow threading is most commonly done with cotton thread, although silk or synthetic threads may also be used depending on preference among stylists and clients.

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What Clients Say

  • Waxing Queen has quickly become my favorite place for waxing. Run by sisters – Mo and Daljit, the place has a warm hospitality combined with smoothe professionalism. I adore the variety of waxes on offer, each designed to suit a specific body part. The prices are great and the service is exceptional. The appointment reminders serve my full lifestyle so well.

    • Tara Patwardhan
  • I always go to Waxing Queen for all my waxing needs and one of my NY resolutions for this year is to try out henna brows. My beautician was Dee. She was exceptional answering all my questions about what she’ll be doing and providing as much information as possible about henna brows. Also upon booking my appointment online I was surprised by how affordable the henna brows are at Waxing Queen compared to other salons I looked at. I love my henna brows and thank you so much Dee for making them look beautiful.
    • Lauren Cursio