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Overview of Henna Tattoos and How Long Do Henna Tattoos Last?

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Henna Eyebrow Tattoo

Henna is a natural dye obtained from the leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis plant. This plant is native to India and Pakistan. Henna tattooing is an ancient tradition, and it is still practised today.

The word “henna” is derived from the Arabic word “Hanin”, meaning dyes. Henna is used for different purposes like decoration, painting, dying hair, skincare, etc.

In traditional practice, the ink is applied directly onto the skin’s surface. Today, however, some people prefer to use stencils or transfer methods because they find it easier to apply the henna.

For those looking for a long-lasting tattoo, a henna lasts about three weeks. After that period, the colour fades away. There are several ways to prolong the life of the tattoo. One way is to add a layer of oil over the existing one. Another way is to mix henna with another substance, such as lemon juice or olive oil.

Professional henna tattoos victoria australia

What are Henna Tattoos?

Henna tattooing is an ancient art practised by women around the world. In fact, there are several different types of henna tattoos. Some are very intricate and detailed, while others are simple and geometric designs. No specific kind of henna tattoo is better than another; each person chooses what works best for them.

The most common types of henna tattoos include Arabic patterns, floral patterns, tribal patterns, and traditional designs. For example, you might find a henna artist applying a flower pattern on your hand or leg. Or you could see someone painting a geometric pattern on your arm.

Because henna tattoos are temporary, they must be removed once the design is finished. However, henna can be removed without damaging the skin, unlike permanent tattoos. After removal, the skin is left with an orange/brown hue.

Henna Brows VIC

How Does Henna Work?

The leaves of henna are crushed and made into a paste. This paste is used to create beautiful patterns of tattoos. In this paste, water, sugar, and some essential oils are mixed to make the paste more useful. Henna contains the molecule lawsone, which binds to your skin’s keratin proteins.

How Long do Henna Tattoos Last?

Waxing Queen is one of the most popular salons in Melbourne, especially for its waxing and hair removal services. We offer eyebrow shaping, eyelash tinting, eyebrow tinting, and temporary henna tattooing services. According to Mo and Dee, the Waxing Queen Salon owners, henna tattoos last for about 2-3 weeks on our skin, depending on the type of henna paste used.

For example, they say the henna pastes they usually use last about two weeks. However, if clients want to wear it for longer, they apply a second layer of henna over the original one.

How to Make Henna Tattoos Last Longer?

Henna lasts anywhere from a week to several months, depending on where you apply it and how thick your skin is. For optimal results, apply henna before bedtime and let it sit on your skin overnight.

You can use natural oils like olive, Sesame Seed, or Coconut Oil on the henna Tattoo to extend life and vibrancy.

Henna Brow Service Near You

Waxing Queen, one of Melbourne’s most famous beauty salons, offers henna tattoos. The salon provides waxing services and other treatments, including facials, manicures, pedicures, ayurvedic head massages, massage therapy, and more. Waxing Queen also has a wide variety of products available for purchase.

If you want a henna tattoo or Henna Brow Service done at Waxing Queen, please call us at 03 9662 7777. We will provide you with all the information you need to know about henna tattoos.

We at Waxing Queen provide the best services for henna tattoos near me in Melbourne, Australia, and Victoria. If you want the beautiful henna tattoo, give us a call.

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