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Prevent Dry Face this Season – Rejuvenate with a Facial

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Taking care of one’s skin is an important aspect of self-care, and many of us recognize how vital proper skin care can be in life. This could mean applying moisturiser, cleansing, donning sunscreen, and staying hydrated. We are aware that keeping our skin healthy is largely in our realm of control.

During the summertime, your skin can become dry, blocked, or affected by sun rays. We all take joy in participating in activities such as going to the beach, spending time outdoors, taking long walks and relaxing in parks- but this type of exposure has adverse effects on the skin.

But don’t worry – now is the best time to rejuvenate and awaken your skin with a full facial!

Well, first things first – how’s your skincare routine? Besides your usual face wash and sunblock, you must use products with SPF30. Since the summer temperature fluctuates, it’s essential to keep using this in your skincare routines since UV rays, though not quite as intense, are still present throughout the year. So make sure you still have that and do it religiously as well to maintain a healthy looking skin.

Benefits of a Professional Facial

Now let’s talk about getting a professional facial. Waxing Queen tailors our facial services to different skin types and requirements. Despite there being a similar pattern to each treatment, the product used and the method deployed differ based on what is necessary. If you wish to heal skin damage and boost moisture or are just after a small rejuvenation for your skin, we have a facial service that is suitable for you.

Facial Treatments – what it does to your skin?

It moisturises your skin

Facial treatments offer deeper hydration, making it essential during the summertime. A facial keeps your skin tender, supple, and adequately hydrated in spite of the warm weather. And who wouldn’t want a vibrant looking lustre, right?

Gets rid of dead skin cells

Dead skin cells can be eliminated from your face through the use of the right facial, resulting in fresh and glowing skin. Facials generally involve exfoliation to get rid of dry skin patches and replenish your complexion, leaving it soft and supple. Exfoliation also leads to a more even skin tone, helps remove blackheads and whiteheads, and bestows an exquisite radiance to the skin.

Repairs your sun-damaged skin

It is incredible how our skin is more vulnerable during the summertime. We spend huge amounts of time outdoors, leaving our skin to be subjected to pollution and the hazardous UV rays of the sun. With a facial treatment, you can repair your skin from the damage of summer and recharge it for forthcoming activities in other seasons.

Facials Service Near You

If you’re around Victoria, Waxing Queen Salon is open for the best facial treatment service. We have a range of facials to suit your needs. Whether it’s to repair damaged skin from the summer heat and improve moisture.

Looking after your skin is something you should be doing from a young age or even as you age. Skin care is important. Let our aestheticians at Waxing Queen pamper you and give you the facial treatment you deserve.

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