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Waxing Hair Removal for Men: Why It is Becoming More Popular

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Waxing Services for Men VIC

When it comes to the grooming and styling of our bodies, men have certainly experienced a shift in trends over the years. One of these shifts pertains to body hair maintenance and manscaping. While women have traditionally been more open when it comes to waxing certain body parts, men have typically shied away from this practice.

However, over the last few years, we’ve seen a definite change in this trend amongst both heterosexual and homosexual males alike.

Full-body waxing is no longer exclusive to women; many men are following suit with this practice as well. This can be partly attributed to many celebrities coming out and admitting that they partake in manscaping regularly, thus making it more socially acceptable for any male who wants to maintain a tidier look below.

In addition, there has also been an increase in awareness about hygiene among heterosexual males due in part to the spread of HIV/AIDS over time which means that shaving unwanted hair down there is now done as not only a form of a fashion statement but one of maintenance as well.

So, if you’re a man who wants to get rid of unwanted hair on their body and doesn’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with razor blades, waxing is definitely an option worth looking into. Waxing can be done in a variety of body parts including the chest, back, legs, arms, and even around the pubic area.

Benefits of Waxing

Waxing has become increasingly popular in men as an alternative to shaving. The main reason for this is its numerous advantages compared to traditional shaving methods.

Men are now experiencing the benefits of waxing that women have known for years.

  • One great benefit of waxing is reduced body odour because sweat holds onto hair and can result in increased body odour. Whereas regular shaving cuts hairs close to the skin, waxing removes it from the root, allowing less bacteria to accumulate and lower odour production.
  • Additionally, since hair removal by waxing is more effective than traditional shave methods, there is an ongoing reduction of underarm odour due to fewer hairs creating armpit perspiration.
  • Waxing also offers long-lasting results, as waxed hairs will not begin regrowth until 2-6 weeks compared to a week or two with shaving.

It makes sense then that more men are choosing to partake in wax treatments and reap long-term benefits such as reduced body odours and smoother hygienic conditions on their bodies.

Before and After Waxing care for Men

Before waxing, it is important to exfoliate your skin with a washcloth or an oil-free scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and allow the wax to adhere better. Next, avoid heavy moisturisers for a few hours prior to your appointment.

If you are prone to irritation, allergies or broken capillaries from waxing, then numbing creams may be used but should not be in direct contact with the area being treated. On the day of your appointment, ensure you have clean and dry skin before being waxed; this will help ensure the most effective removal.

After a wax treatment, you may experience some slight redness and minor swelling that will normally go away within minutes or hours after treatment.

To reduce redness and irritation try using a gentle aloe vera-based moisturiser on the treatment area but avoid using any hot compress over or near the area as this could aggravate any soreness or sensitivity.

In terms of ingrown hairs, exfoliating 2-3 times per week can provide a natural solution by helping loosen any embedded hairs and preventing them from becoming ingrown again in the future.

For more persistent issues such as inflammation, bruising, and bumpiness, antibacterial products should be used to reduce any bacteria build-up in the area.

Overall, waxing is a great way for men to keep up with their hygiene and grooming needs while still being fashionable at the same time. Taking proper care before and after each treatment is important to ensure the best results possible.

How often should men get a body wax?

How often a man should get a body wax is an important consideration if he wants to maintain smooth, hair-free skin. Depending on the individual’s body hair growth rate, getting waxed once every four to six weeks is generally recommended.

Doing so ensures that when the new hairs grow back in, they are thin and sparse enough such that waxing them again won’t be too painful. If you wait any longer than this between waxing appointments, your body hair will become increasingly thick and dense, causing more discomfort and taking much more time for each appointment.

As such, it is best to stick with the four-to-six week schedule to ensure you remain comfortable and don’t let your chest hairs restore their original density and thickness. Although waxing may not sound ideal, it will save you time spent on shaving in the long run and potentially become less painful with each consecutive treatment.

What to Expect From Your First Waxing Appointment?

If you’re considering getting waxed for the first time, it’s understandable that you might have some apprehension and even fear of the unknown. However, it’s important to keep in mind all the positive benefits of waxing — smooth skin that lasts longer than shaving, less pain than other depilatory methods, removal of dead skin cells, and a reduction in ingrown hairs. Knowing these details will help put your nerves at ease.

Before booking your appointment, there are a few key things to keep in mind so you can get the most out of the experience. Shower with a mild soap before attending your appointment — this will ensure the skin is clean and moisturised without any lotion, which could affect the strength of the wax adhesion.

You should also avoid sun exposure on the area to be waxed for as long as possible before your appointment since UV exposure can make it harder for the wax to grab onto hairs. Finally, try not to shave or trim hairs for at least three days prior to your session since freshly-cut hairs are more difficult to grab and remove.

Following these tips will help ensure a successful waxing experience that leaves you feeling smooth and confident!

We Offer Waxing for Men

Waxing is proving to be a viable option for many men who desire smooth, hair-free skin. The longer-lasting results achieved when compared to shaving ultimately provide numerous benefits – and we’re proud to offer specialised waxing services.

With proper preparation before your appointment, our staff will deliver excellent results that last.

At our Victoria waxing salon, we specialise in providing services tailored specifically for the needs of men seeking lasting hair removal. Our highly trained therapists use different waxes depending on the type of hair and area being treated.

When combined with quality aftercare following your session, you’ll enjoy amazingly smooth skin for weeks at a time. If you’re tired of shaving and ready for long-lasting results, contact us today to make an appointment.


What is the advantage of waxing for men?

Waxing is an excellent hair removal option for men because it is a more permanent solution than shaving, and the results last much longer. Waxing also exfoliates the skin, which can help reduce ingrown hairs and other skin conditions.

Is waxing painful?

It depends on the individual’s pain threshold, but most find that waxing is not as painful as they expect. Our highly experienced therapists do their best to make the process as comfortable as possible for each client.

Is waxing for men healthy?

Waxing can be a safe and healthy hair removal solution for men if the wax is applied and removed correctly. Waxing removes unwanted body hair and helps exfoliate the skin, which can leave it looking healthier and more vibrant. Additionally, waxing can help reduce ingrown hairs, which often occur with shaving. Ultimately, with proper preparation and aftercare,

Why is waxing better than shaving for men?

Waxing is a superior hair removal choice for men as it does not leave behind stubble or coarse hairs like shaving can. Waxing also removes the entire hair follicle, rather than just the shaft of the hair, resulting in longer-lasting results than shaving. Additionally, waxing exfoliates the skin, which can help reduce ingrown hairs and other skin conditions. Finally, waxing can help reduce or even prevent the growth of coarse, thick hairs from appearing.

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