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Why Waxing is Generally Superior to Shaving

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Waxing Hair Removal Service

Waxing is a popular method for removing unwanted hair, as it leaves skin soft and smooth for longer periods of time compared to other methods such as shaving. It can be done in a professional salon or at home, and there are many benefits to choosing this method of hair removal.

This is why waxing is generally considered a superior method of hair removal to shaving for several reasons. Want to learn more? Read on.

Waxing offers a longer lasting result compared to shaving

The process removes the entire hair follicle while shaving only cuts off the top portion.

How it’s done is it removes hair from the root, making it slower to grow back than if you shaved or used a depilatory cream. When waxing regularly, over time the hair follicles are weakened and produce finer, sparser regrowth. This makes waxing great for long-term maintenance since it temporarily reduces the amount of re-growth between treatments.

Another advantage of waxing is that it lasts longer than other methods, like shaving

Typically, between three and six weeks depending on your individual growth rate and type of hair. This means fewer appointments needed at the salon or less frequent treatments at home to maintain desired results. Also, because the hairs are being removed from their roots with each treatment, this significantly reduces pain associated with re-growth compared to when using epilation methods such as threading where only the tips are removed with each session.

Waxing offers moisturising and exfoliating properties

Waxing helps scrub away dead skin cells which allows new cells to grow in their place for softer smoother skin after every session, making it an attractive option for those who want to not only get rid of their unwanted body hair but also have healthier-looking skin.

The wax itself acts as an exfoliant, sloughing off dead skin cells and allowing new ones to grow in their place, which can result in smoother skin after each session. Waxing also encourages the production of natural oil, leading to a more even complexion with fewer breakouts and dry patches while providing extra moisture retention.

professional waxing and hair removal service

Waxing also reduces ingrown hairs

This is done by removing entire hairs as opposed to just cutting them off with a razor blade, which can lead to infection and more stubborn breakouts. In addition, waxing causes less razor burn and skin irritation because there are no harsh blades dragging across the surface of your skin like with shaving.

Waxing is a relatively simple and quick process

Generally, it takes between 15 and 30 minutes depending on how many areas are being done at once, whereas shaving can take much longer if you are covering larger areas such as your legs or arms. Waxing also typically results in smoother skin than you would get from using a razor blade since it removes the dead cells on the surface along with unwanted hairs.

The smoothness created through waxing can last up to four weeks without necessary reapplication while shaved hair tends to feel rough and stubbly even immediately after use due to razor burn or irritation on sensitive skin types.

Say no more…

Ultimately, waxing represents an overall better choice for most people looking for a long-lasting solution for their unwanted body hairs as it creates faster results that last longer than traditional methods such as shaving or tweezing.

With proper preparation before each appointment and aftercare instructions followed afterward, waxing can be a great method for removing unwanted hair from almost any area of your body.

Waxing Salons in VIC

Waxing Queen is a professional waxing and hair removal service in Carnegie, Victoria. All of our waxing is performed by experienced and certified aestheticians. We aim to provide quality waxing services designed to meet the needs of women, men, and teens who want to remove unwanted body hair from the face and body.

At Waxing Queen, we keep up with the latest technology in terms of hair re-growth prevention products that inhibit regrowth of unwanted hair.

We are committed to providing an excellent customer experience every time you visit their studio; we take great pride in providing a high level of service that exceeds your expectations. We value each one of their customers and ensure all treatments are done using hygienic procedures using top quality products only to enhance comfort levels whilst achieving desirable results.

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