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Which waxing procedure is best for me? Here is your guide!

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Women and men go through so much trouble to get rid of unwanted body hair. However, hair removal can be done easily without breaking out into a rash. The only thing left is choosing the best method. Read these tips carefully before deciding how to remove hair forever.

First things first – let’s ask the most relevant question.

Is waxing suitable for everybody?

Waxing, if performed correctly, is not a dangerous activity. However, there are some circumstances under which waxing may be unsafe for you. If you’re diabetic, have high blood pressure, have any kind of contagious skin conditions, are pregnant, have a sunburn, or have hemophilia, then waxes aren’t for you.

It’s important to know the limitations of waxing before going into too much detail.

Make sure you get a full-scale skin consultation before you get any kind of wax treatment. Even though there are areas that do not necessarily feel sensitive during wax applications, wax applied directly onto them could cause irritation and inflammation. Also, if you’re planning to wax the facial region, ensure you do so only after having a thorough consultation with an expert dermatologist.

The pain threshold.

The sensitivity of an area differs greatly from person to person and also depends very much on which area of the skin is being waxed. Waxing the most sensitive parts of the skin will obviously cause the most discomfort.

Although we must say the most sensitive parts for most people are the pubic area, the armpits, and the legs; however, some people feel just as uncomfortable when they get waxed down there.

What should you expect from a waxing procedure?

When you’re ready for waxing, you can start at either a local salon or by doing the waxing yourself. Here’s an insight on what happens during the waxing process:

  1. You must remove your clothing before having any waxing done. In many spas, you will be given a robe to wear so you don’t have to expose yourself.
  2. Talc (a type of mineral) will be used to prevent wax from sticking too much.
  3. Wax will be applied on your skin in the opposite directions of hair growth, and then a strip will be smoothened on it.
  4. A strip will be pulled out quickly from the opposite side of the scalp where the hair grows so that the hairs can then be extracted from the follicles.
  5. To get the best results, the few final hairs left after waxing are usually removed using tweezers.

Professional Waxing Hair Removal Service

Is it better to go to a professional to get waxed?

So whether you’re trying to save some money or just want to get professional results, it is highly recommended to get a waxing service at a salon like Waxing Queen in Victoria.

Get the best body waxing/hair removal service.

Waxing Queen provides a wide variety of wax services for both men and women at affordable rates. We utilize only top-quality products for all our clients so that they can get effective and safe results every time. We provide wax treatments for sensitive skin to those who require more moisture in their skin.

Our waxing procedures are done by professional licensed estheticians who will ensure you’re completely satisfied.

Waxing Queen is the place where people go for full-bodied waxes. At our salon, we strive to provide clients with top quality service at an affordable price. Importantly, we’re dedicated to creating an enjoyable experience for everyone. We have a zero-re-dipping policy and strive to provide a clean and sterile working space.

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